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hello from handy girl

welcome to my blog. it is with feet in the current that i embark on a journey to help heal the planet. this will not be an easy endeavor but with the angels on my side, a stash of fairie dust tucked away in my pocket and some spells up my proverbial sleeve, i am hopefully optimistic.

many things have led me to this place. i feel like i have already lived a hundred lifetimes and am finally ready and rearing to get down and do the work. believe you-me, there is a lot to be done. planet earth is really messed up but it doesn't have to be this way. i'm not gonna harp political about it now; there are more important ways to spend my energy, and besides, we waste way too much time criticising others and not enough looking inside our own selves for the answers.
there's no point in being stuck in the past or worried about the future because all we really have is right now. nobody knows what will happen from one moment to the next so why not choose living to live and loving life for all that it gives in the moment? ya, ya, ya, that's so easy to say and who am i to sound so altruistic, who am i to think that utopia is attainable? we all have things to do, places to go, people to see, battles to fight, bills to pay, dishes and laundry and groceries and flat tires and nasty sales clerks and screaming kids and basement floods and stained rugs. we have snow to shovel and then there's trans fat and aspartame and tartrazine and monosodium glutamate, the extinction of bananas, genetically modified everything, bird flu, mad cow, potholes, landfills, broken spindles from vandalizing hooligans, media, marketing, money, anorexia and obesity, gang wars, global warming, homelessness, heartaches, headaches and hurricanes. i guess the point here is that we always have a choice. regardless of the challenges that present themselves in our lives, we decide how to handle them. we decide our actions and reactions. we create our own reality.
much can be learned from mythology and folklore, from stories handed down through the ages. the people who came before us have valuable lessons to teach. the past can be a good thing, a handy tool for guaging life, but it isn't a place to dwell, to hang around in, waiting for an all too familiar face to appear. the past gives us a reference point for the present but there's a difference between learning from the past and living in it. i think we find a comfort zone in the past, even if it is a negative place, because that's what we know, that's our experience. go deeper, my friends. look further and you will discover why you do the things you do and feel the things you feel.
i do not want to criticize individuals or society, even if people like george bush make me very nervous. i am on a quest to turn every negative into a positive, to see beyond the walls of facades that masquerade themselves as bravery and wisdom and to stamp out denial and repression and aggression. i aim to teach only love. i'll also teach how to revamp your wardrobe in five easy steps, how to cook things that taste good and are good for you and how to fix a broken lamp with underwire.
it is my belief that everyone has the right to be here, to breathe the air, to be loved to feel comfort and to be happy. every human being on earth has something to offer, something good. it is very easy to pull the good out of people and i will discuss this technique in a future post, along with pointers for personal safety in the city and what to do if you're lost in the woods.
my energy is high, my heart is open and my vision is clear. i am not sugary sweetness wrapped up in a blanket of naivety, nor am i an arrogantly disguised narcissist. positive energy and positive thought are very real and they have the power to evoke change. we all do.
nothing is shitty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello handy girl! welcome to the grand arena of the world wide web and the subsequent blogs of the average joe. congrats to your brand-spankin' new website which i believe will come in handy when im in need of good advice. in fact i could use some right now. for the first time in my life, ive become very good friends (and only friends) with a guy from school. i never knew what i had been missing when it somes to having guys as friends but maybe ive found the only decent one in high school. anyhoo, today i was chillaxing with him in his room watching some tv when his step dad comes in and gives us 'the talk'. perhaps one of the more embarrassing points of my admittedly short lifetime. my big question is should i avoid this boys house altogether despite the fact that his mother and i get along well or is this dad thing to large an obstacle to overcome? i could, i suppose, pretend that nothing happened and continue on with life as i know it but thats not my style. what a dilemma. considering your like my second mother im sure youll have some good advice. stay classy, handy girl, and keep it coming.

10:46 p.m.  
Anonymous Hollyhock said...

Handy Girl,
I LOVE your new blog. I can't wait to read your next posting and look forward to some 'handy' tips. You are absolutely right,
nothing is shitty but I'd like you to comment on doggie doo. How can we avoid it? How is it that people pick it up and carry it around in a bag before they even have their first cup of java?
It blows my mind. I can't relate. I did have two wonderful kids, and did change their diapers and wiped their bums but...gag me with a spoon!

11:16 p.m.  
Blogger HandyGirl said...

thank you for your kind words, my dear girl. i am more than happy to offer my views.

having male friends is a really, really good thing. there is a different dynamic going on and it's very important to learn to trust men when you're young, or you could end up old and bitter and crotchity and all alone. trusting men happens by getting to know men, by relating to them, by learning to understand what makes them tick, and tock.

just by virtue of having parents, most teenagers and young adults must endure "the talk" about sex and relationships and intimacy. some parents of teenagers do just fine with this subject and others may not handle it as well. in most cases, i think the primary role of sex educator ought to be played by the parent, so it's a bit weird that the step-dad would just walk in and have "the talk" with the two of you, especially because you are just friends. i would be interested to know how your friend feels about it all, and if he is willing to stand up and speak up. since he is the son, it is his problem too.

it sounds like the step-dad is freaking out and needs to chill out a bit, and i think this can be easily accomplished. you see, this will ultimately blow over, but you have an opportunity to nip it in the bud right now. the next time you are over there, take a deep breath, and in the most positive and gracious voice you can muster, tell him that you really appreciate the fact that he cares so much about you that he would put himself out there like that. tell him how you realize that it must be a difficult subject to talk about and that you understand his intentions are good. tell him that it's comforting to know that he is there for you, in case you ever need any advice on relationships. then tell him that you and his step-son are just friends and that you feel really good about it.

eventually, he will accept your friendship (it's hard for older men to do that cause they know what young men want!) and then he might feel like an idiot, at which point, bring out the humble pie and a giant fork.

if you develop a romantic relationship down the road with your friend, by that point in time, both mom and step-dad love you to pieces and you will have taken the time to really get to know and trust your friend.

you can make this a positive thing and laugh at it later. i don't think you would be wise to quit going over there. you guys are friends and that's that. nobody has the right to pick other peoples friends for them.

if all else fails, if the step-dad does not respond well, then maybe talk to the mom. she must wear some of the pants in the family. if nothing works, don't give up the friendship. you'll find a way to spend time together. this is your life for the living.

one last word: your friend must also take responsibility here. what's going on in his head???

12:06 a.m.  
Blogger HandyGirl said...

hollyhock! your question is so important, it is going to be answered in my very next posting! thank you so much for asking and stay tuned...hg

9:02 a.m.  
Anonymous highschooler said...

thanks for your excellent advice about my friend and i intend to use it. my next question is this: recently the men in my life have suspiciously dissappeared, leaving my mom and sister the only ones at hom with me, also a girl. im going stircrazy with the amount of estrogen in my house and i find i am purposely avoiding them whenever i can. how can i keep myself from going crazy while satisfying my mothers needs of spending time with me? thanks again!

6:35 p.m.  
Anonymous Dude Depleted said...

Well hello Handygirl. I am also a girl - an adult one - experiencing the prevalence of females in my social life, and almost total lack of male friends. And frankly I love my gals but sometimes find team estrogen a little tiring. Anyway, I'd really like some fellas in my social circle, but I wonder if my ultimate search for a mate - a male one - is hindering my ability to engage with men in a purely platonic way. I mean come one, there's always that itching question, "will we do it?". You hearin' me? Anyway, I'm open as always to your thoughts.

5:34 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear handy girl. I'm a total failure. I can't cook!!!! I'm not talking prepartion of gormet cuisine. I'm talking pan frying potatoes, boiling eggs, making salad... Even my toast gets burned! My pots are all burned to rat shit and I've lost all desire to enter my kitchen ...except to rinse out a dirty wine glass. Lately I've respoted to drinking my best Merlot out of Dixie cups so I don't have to wash anything!
Can you Help me?

8:23 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Handygirl.
Got a problem. Hope you can help.
I hang around this fella, he and I have alot in common. He has a girlfriend, she lives away so they haven't seen one another in awhile and won't until September.
So, I am interested in him, I know I shouldn't be. BUT I think he could be interested in me. BUT I am not sure. Is he just a nice guy, or is there another reason we are always at the same place at the same time? Fate or Coincidence ?
Do I have to make an ass of myself to find out? Ahhh! I think about it all the time, I need your help!
Thanks in advance,

4:33 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, you seem like you think things through. I need to feel better about myself and I am hoping you can help.
Any chance you were close to an "affair" in your life and you sat trying to judge if what you did is worth telling therefore hurting ones you really love or not..? that is where I am.
- heavy hearted.

7:45 p.m.  

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