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Changing tires, changing diapers and changing minds all over town...


handy girl goes greener, searches for alternatives

a prophetic woman told me recently that i would be changing vehicles. she said it had nothing to do with a car accident and i would be very happy with the decision. letting go of my little red car had not entered my mind before, and this led me to question and ponder her insistent words.

i’ve lived without a car many times. i got by just fine with a 1950’s baby carriage, for jaunts to the laundromat or the grocery store. sky train, subway and bus tickets have frequently taken up space in my pockets. my feet have also been very good tools for getting me where i’ve needed to go.

one time, i got a job where i’d quadruple my income and challenge my creativity. the only problem was, it was fifty city blocks away and started at six in the morning, meaning it was impossible to get there by public transit. i knew cycling was my only option, but i didn’t have a bike as a child and i never really learned to ride.

so i hoofed it over to the local bike shop. the boys chuckled at my clumsiness on wheels display, but made the time to teach me. on the first day of work, it took just under an hour to get there, and at least half the trip was spent pushing the bike up the hills. by the third month, i could cycle the route in twelve minutes and had developed legs of steel.

i’ve lived with a car for a while now, as a single parent with a child whose school was a distance away, as a tv and movie girl who went on the road to buy things or travel to and from the set, as a canadian who took off from time to time, to explore more of this great land.

over the last couple of weeks, the universe has been giving me clues that it’s time to let go of my car. during a routine servicing, my karmachanic told me i would soon need new brakes and tires. the next day, the city increased the price of parking from a dollar to a dollar twenty five an hour. i bought a latte yesterday at steve-o-reno’s, and accidentally spilled it all over my car.

when i put a for sale sign in the window, i got a ticket for having a for sale sign ‘on a highway’. i was parked at a meter for half an hour, on a street in the city, a street that nobody would ever think was a highway. i’ll be fighting this one in court, and i’ll bring some handy photographic evidence of the street in question, illustrating the absence of a highway aesthetic or highway signage, for that matter.

i am now excited about letting go of my car. my karmachanic says she’s a good car and aside from regular upkeep, i’ve had no problems. to de-car my life will be an organic process, and i am open to trades, barters or alternative methods of payment, so like, if you have a piano you don’t want, we can talk.

suggestions for alternative methods of transportation are welcomed and encouraged. i am thinking along the lines of a handy human powered vehicle, or some kind of handy go-cart. for now, happiness is putting one foot in front of the other and walking the path. lo and behold, i do believe the grass just got a little greener.


Anonymous AntiElvis said...

HandyGirl, I've got several cars - 4-wheeled money sucking devices, the lot of 'em.

Get a motorcycle! ;)

11:17 a.m.  
Blogger HandyGirl said...

hey antielvis,
handy girl is now without a little red car....sold it yesterday and it feels really good...motorcycle? hmmmm...for now i am enjoying the feet and bike combo special, but ya never know what's up around that next corner...

8:17 p.m.  
Anonymous Hollyhock said...

There is some guy (Sum Yung Guy) that drives a scooter down Cogswell every morning, it looks
so cool. Foot for thought.

Hollyhock (Hollywalk)

8:47 a.m.  
Anonymous AntiElvis said...

I've also seen a guy with a Vespa scooter with a sidecar out around Bedford a couple of times.


9:27 a.m.  
Blogger LJ said...

Ok! Considering the (sorry to swear)weather...
A device with snowshoes. Attached to the side of the snowshoes, ready to snap down underneath, pontoons. Attached to the pontoons, roller skate wheels.

11:12 a.m.  
Blogger samuru999 said...

I just got back from Nova Scotia
... hated to leave.
I love my bike, and use it a
lot... still need my car though.
I walked a lot while in NS.
CU later!

10:57 a.m.  
Blogger starfish said...

Hi Handy Girl,
Thanks for coffee the other day... I hope we can design some clothes soon.

I was at a music festival this weekend and learned about how you can convert a diesel powered volkswagen jetta to run on vegetable oil. I own a diesel Jetta and am thinking about may be doing the conversion. I have the drawings and plans if your interested in seeing how it's done.


12:28 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello old friend. long time, no see. i believe you will remember a certain situation i had with a 'friend who is a boy' earlier in the year. wellll, that has since come to a head. circmstances arose, leaving us not speaking to each other, and im wondering if salvageing whats left of a friendship worth the effort?
(ill get in touch and give you the rest of the details, including the ones regarding my incident at prom)
-the artist formerly known as 'highschooler'

10:32 p.m.  
Blogger HandyGirl said...

hey everyone!
handy girl has been on vacation but is now back by popular demand. keep the questions coming!

hollyhock and antielvis,
a scooter has been in the back of my mind. i see many more of them these days and they're only five bucks to fill with gas.

you win the prize for the most creative suggestion. go-go gadget go! i'd like to rig an ashtray arm that can catch cigarette butts coming out of car windows and toss them back at the driver, as well as a little scraper rigged with peanut butter, to attack and de-stick the gum on the streets...

glad you liked nova scotia and hope you come back again....i also love my bike and it has become my major mode of transportation these days...

the jetta sounds great. if only we could make vehicles that run on doggie doo. sure we can design some clothes...give me a call and we'll make it happen!

to the artist formally known as highschooler,
i would love to hear all about everything, including the latest developments with 'friend who is a boy'. please call me and we'll meet for coffee. i heard about the prom. what a night that must have been.

10:43 a.m.  
Blogger knotweed nick said...

Hey Handygirl!
Big congrats on the TV gig!
As for vehicular withdrawal...well, I moved out to Purcell's Cove last summer (must have you over!), and I do feel awfully foolish driving around the NW Arm every day to get to Dal. Especially since my car is also falling apart. Am now seriously contemplating a future of kayaking! I guess that means I need to buy a kayak and learn to paddle it properly. But that's the dream. Thanks for helping me realize it's not completely whacked!

Hope to see you soon,
Knotweed Nick (aka Marlanator)

6:49 p.m.  

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