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so...ya wanna be in pitchas

i know two excellently fabulous and altogether amazing women, donna davies and kimberlee mctaggart. they just happen to own and operate a local film and television production company known as 'sorcery films'.

one day, my good friend donna said it would be really cool to put handy girl on tv. i spent the next day doing handy things and minding my own business. then, the day after that, we were suddenly shooting a segment for the wonderful world of cbc television, with the most amazing camera guy ever, bob (robert) zimmerman. seriously, it all happened that fast.

so, cbc has a new tv show called living east. you can read about it here: www.cbc.ca/livingeast and you can send in your very own comments, images, ideas, video clips, etc...once the show airs, beginning january 15, 2007, you can also watch it online or on cbc's utube page.

living east is a local show, a guide to better living in the maritimes, but there are other regional shows too, right across this amazing country. there's living newfoundland and labrador, living in ottawa, living saskatchewan, living vancouver, and more! each regional show gets to pick segments from other regions, and that includes handy girl.

so, i guess handy girl is evolving beyond blogland, but that doesn't mean this blog is no more. in fact, i imagine it will continue to evolve and grow with time. keep your questions coming...i have answers in me that need to come out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Handy Girl, I miss your witty repartee & such. Glad to hear more of the universe will be able to bask in your Handiness. SInce you say you are full of answers, here's a question: How does one know one is on the right path? If one has talents and abilities that could lead in different directions, how to know which is the right direction to head in? Heart & Hugs from De the directionally challenged

2:54 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As random of a comment this may be, you seem to be a wise well adjusted woman so i figured you'd be a non-judgmental person.

I'm a bisexual, I find both men and women attractive, and my friends are all fine with this. past boyfriends and girlfriends have had no problem, theres only the matter now of telling my parents. I'm relatively self-reliant so there isn't the fear of being left without resource if they reject me, but I do enjoy the love and affection of my 'rents and wouldn't want to lose that over my sexual preferences.

Should I keep quiet? Or tell them my most secret of secrets?

9:41 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:54 p.m.  

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