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common ground?

handy girl has been on hiatus and is now back by popular demand. apologies to faithful readers who are on the verge of abandoning this site.....with a new semester beginning, a daughter starting high school, love interests and computer issues, i have neglected my absolute duty to entertain y'all with fresh fingers. there is much work to be done and it all starts this saturday night. ya that's right, tomorrow night, and you have a chance to be involved....participaction! get with the action!
there's a lot of talking going on, all around town, all over the radio, and in the papers too, about the rolling stones concert that happened recently at the halifax common. for those who are unfamiliar with this town, the common is a large area of flat grassy land, walking paths and sportsfields. it connects different areas of the city together and makes getting to and from school or work much easier for many haligonians. lots happens on common ground.
so anyway, after fifty thousand or so people jumped up and down in the rain while mick and his boys belted out their cazillionith renditions of their cazillion songs, the common ground was left, how shall we say, looking like a shithole? for this reason, some people thought the concert was not a good idea. other people thought we should boycott the entity known as the rolling stones and bring in a more contemporary band, and even others thought that people who thought this should be boycotted.
in the days that followed the show, the worker guys worked and worked. the stage, the port-o-potties and the garbage (for the most part) got hauled away, and what we were left with was a blown up version of a backyard belonging to four year old quintuplets, after a rainy birthday party day of tonka trucking in a grassy mud pie eating contest delerium.
nobody from the city and none of the concert promoters bothered to clean the mud from the walkways for nearly a week. it was a full three days following the stage removal that they came back and haphazardly moved the mud. i think they were hoping for a giant sponge to sweep down from the sky and i was more than half tempted to go over there myself with shovel in hand. as i began to recruit an entourage for this task, the mud was no more.
this doesn't mean there is no other plan. in fact, i have a very handy idea, and you too can be involved. meet me at the fountain on the common ground at eleven o'clock tomorrow evening. bring your friends and be prepared for fun-ness. that's tomorrow, saturday october seventh, eleven pm. photographic documentation may appear in my next post.


Blogger cara winsor hehir said...

lard tundering! tanks fer checkin oot me blog!!
i've been having a read on your site here and have to say that you are a lovely writer.
i gather you attend nscad? something about a spindle in there too, are you studying textiles, or teaching????
i'm an anna templeton girl from st. john's, do you know what that is??
a good missus from here is studying textiles and others at nscad, did you find me through her? or how? i'm always curious about the 7 degrees of seperation...

12:27 p.m.  

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