handy girl

Changing tires, changing diapers and changing minds all over town...


girl powdering her neck

girl powdering her neck
point of view: her voyeristic husband

i understand the ritual
born and bred from birth
she prepares herself for me, so perfectly

i am consumed by the art of her beauty
yet i know her heart's not in it
still, she lays down for me, so perfectly

and she'll birth our daughter
and she'll groom our daughter
and she'll prepare our daughter
to lay herself down, so perfectly so

about utamaro
utamaro was an artist who studied women
he showed his drawings to many people so they could see what he sees

in the time of his life, the study of women made them fall at his feet
and he captured their femininity, two-dimensionally

utamaro didn't discriminate, at least not between women
the class of women, the role of women, the function of women
it was all the same
it had to be - they were women

and where are the men? what happened to the men?
sitting back in the member's only club
waiting for the unmarked parcels to arrive

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