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how do you solve a problem like la creepo?

dear handy girl,
someone keeps trying to publish comments on my blog that are inappropriate, lewd, and/or graphic. some of my readers are teenagers and should not be looking at this crap. also, i have readers who drink tea with the pope after midnight mass and others who are virgin buddhists in their eighties. what should i do?
handy girl

dear handy girl,
delete the comments and block the sender (if he is not an anonymous wimp). if this person does not stop, let the blog administration know. if it still continues, call the cops. they will take you seriously, they will track him, hunt him down and arrest him for harassment and a bunch of other indecent things, and then he can have all the fun he wants in jail with his new buddies.

keep in mind that only a very unbalanced individual would do this kind of thing. your blog is a clean, helpful and honest site and he obviously needs professional help. you are not his therapist.

i love you,
handy girl


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